24″ X 90″ MAX size                                                                                    Phone (707) 755-7575

I use an Epson 7890 24″ printer that is fairly versatile.  I’ll work with you to do either prints on canvas, paper (usually a 260 Premium Luster Epson paper is in stock), or banners up to about 7 feet.  I’ll add ⅜” rivets on these if desired.

You do have to own the image, or copyright on it – for me to do a print for you. .  I won’t do it otherwise, unless it’s in the public domain or you have permission from the owner.

I also can do minor work in photoshop or several other editors that I use personally.

Give a call to discuss your needs.  Shipping can be expensive – so if you can mount it locally to save some money – printing it and shipping via rolled print is sometimes desirable.