WELCOME to my photography! I hope you enjoy perusing my images.

I remember picking up a little Kodak box camera when I was about 5 years old…I was amazed that one can capture how you view and frame these little vignettes of the world! I have been shooting ever since. I got much more serious in high school when my cousin Joe Emery had a dear friend of his hand me a Pentax.  I shot some really good black and whites of that weekend in Big Sur California. I loved the feeling of control of the creativity of the prints. Evoking the experience of being there. How to accomplish it…What kind of papers and surfaces to use. So many decisions!

Later on I ended up switching from my primarily computer background in college to attend Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California for a few years. This gave me some technical expertise although I never graduated with a degree until just recently – for years I would try to make it on my own with various studios and photographic ventures. Some went well – others not so good. But all of them a learning experience – and always I enjoyed the processes of being a photographer. Usually I ended up going back to the computer software development world to make real money before jumping ship yet again to pursue my love in life.  I finally got that elusive Bachelors degree in business (just to prove that I could) from St. Petersburg College in Clearwater Florida in December of 2014 at the ripe old age of 56. The degree was in Project Management and not in the arts. It did teach me some good business practices – which are likely more useful than any art degree to survive.

Visuals are a huge part of our world. Our brains interpret a huge amount of data 24/7 and there’s a lot of competition. It’s really staggering what our brains are processing and selectively storing. Photographs can evoke a range from good to bad, silly to sad or just pure creativity. Add in the electronic advances and some great creative tools – the possibilities are endless!   At times, I use it all. And other times it’s just pure straight shooting with little modification. It’s often difficult to tell which. Some – that are straight shooting with no modifications, seem outright impossible. Other times you have to modify it to get the result you desire. I believe that photography has become an art form of extreme depth. Use the tools. Or not. Makes no difference to me.  Just be creative.  Give me a visual.  Be present & aware.  Use your very best creative tool –  Think!

I welcome feedback, and prints can always be ordered if you see something you like.  I have a current print list that’s ready to go – often I have inventory already of at least one or two prints.  Most prints are listed as gallery wraps on canvas, but can be done in any current medium – such as standard or metal prints.l. Don’t be afraid to Email me at kerry@emery-enterprises.com if you have any questions or need something specific.  I do have an extensive inventory.

I also shoot portraits now – which have become my new focus – and area that I’d only dabbled in for many years.  I’m finding it challenging and very rewarding.  I also do high volume portraiture primarily in the western Florida regions on the Space Coast.  I also maintain another site to complement this one at www.emery-enterprises.com 

Thanks so much for your support.  I truly do appreciate it.


Kerry C. Emery

May 2019




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